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Getting Your Analytics Platform Up To Speed

Written by Claudia Imhoff of Intelligent Solutions and Teradata's Sachin Grover, This white paper discusses the need for business enterprises to have sophisticated, advanced analytics to compete and flourish in today’s complex, changing marketplace. With a thoughtful selection of appropriate technologies, an eye on strategic initiatives, and a successful collaboration between the business and IT, an enterprise can expect to create an agile, reliable, and highly performing analytics environment—and the integration of a myriad of source data can be accomplished in a minimum amount of time with much less cost.

Next Steps

Getting Your Analytics Platform up to Business Speed

In this archived Teradata webcast, listen to internationally recognized analytics and BI expert Claudia Imhoff along with Steve Taylor and Michael Magalsky from Micron Technology discuss how to leverage Agile methodologies and the latest tools for rapidly building out a data warehouse—so you can stay ahead of business demands, and get to project ROI faster.

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