40-Plus Years

Transforming How Businesses Work and People Live.

1976 to 1979
Teradata is born out of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) research and Citibank advanced technology group discussions, the concept crystallizing in winter and spring of 1979: a revolutionary database management system for parallel processing with multiple microprocessors for decision support.
Teradata, named for the ability to manage terabytes of data, incorporates on July 13, 1979, in a Brentwood CA garage. A year of financing efforts results in a seed round of $150,000 in March 1980, allowing design and patent work to begin in earnest.
The first VC round, for $2.5 million, closed in July 1980, which let the company hire the R&D team.
The first beta system was shipped to Wells Fargo Bank just in time for Christmas.
Fortune magazine named Teradata "Product of the Year." First profitable quarter (ending June).
Teradata IPO in August.
Teradata Corporation partners with NCR Corporation to build the next generation of database computers.
NCR was acquired by AT&T on September 19, 1991. In December NCR announces acquisition of Teradata.
The first system over 1 terabyte (a trillion bytes) goes live at Wal-Mart.
Gartner names Teradata the Leader in Commercial Parallel Processing.
IDC consulting group named Teradata number one in MPP (massively parallel processing) in Computerworld magazine.
A Teradata database designated world's largest database with 11 terabytes (11 trillion bytes) of data. Gartner noted "...NCR's Teradata V2 has proven it can scale...," and The Data Warehouse Institute presented Teradata with its Best Practices Award in data warehousing.
AT&T spun off NCR and, on January 1, 1997, NCR became an independent, publicly traded company once again.

Teradata introduces Relationship Optimizer, a customer relationship management (CRM) software application co-developed with a major banking customer.

A Teradata customer’s 24 terabyte database boasts the world's largest production database and Teradata receives The Data Warehouse Institute's Best Practices Award and DBMS Readers' Choice Award.
Teradata is ported to Microsoft Windows NT.
A Teradata customer claims the world's largest production database: 130 terabytes (130 trillion bytes) of user data on 176 nodes.

NCR consolidates its data warehousing business into a separate operating division.
The first Teradata enterprise-class application for detailed customer profitability measurement, Value Analyzer (VA), successfully launches at Royal Bank of Canada and is adopted by 10 Teradata customers within nine months.

NCR acquires Ceres Integrated Solutions, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, reconfiguring the tool into a new product named Teradata CRM.

Teradata acquires business partner Stirling Douglas Group of Canada, adding its Demand Chain Management (DCM) software to its growing family of enterprise-class analytical applications.
Teradata more than doubled the lines of code (1.6 million to 3.8 million).

Teradata introduces its Financial Management (FM) solution, an analytic architecture consisting of hardware, software, professional consulting, and support services.
Teradata launches Teradata Warehouse 7.0, marking the first time in the history of data warehousing that any vendor extended decision-making beyond corporate management across the organization.
More than 120 industry-leading companies migrated from Oracle to Teradata after the launch of the Oracle-to-Teradata migration program.

Teradata University Network was created to advance awareness of data warehousing in the academic community. Nearly 170 universities from 27 countries were represented in the network.

Teradata Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Version 5.0 was released.
Teradata celebrates its 25th anniversary. Teradata and SAP, the world's leading provider of business software solutions, announce a technology partnership agreement to deliver analytic solutions to industries with high data volume requirements.

Teradata and Siebel Systems, Inc. (now Oracle Business Intelligence), a leading provider of business applications software, announce a strategic partnership to immediately make available integrated and optimized products.

According to InformationWeek (September 27, 2004), Wal-Mart's "single, centralized 423-terabyte Teradata system is Wal-Mart's competitive advantage...enabling the same data set for both buyers and suppliers."

Teradata ships the enhanced Teradata® Warehouse Miner 4.0 data-mining software and Teradata Profiler data-mining tool.
Teradata launches Teradata Warehouse 8.1.

Teradata acquires DecisionPoint Software, rebranding it Teradata Decision Experts.

Teradata brought Linux operating system to enterprise-class data warehouses in addition to the existing choices of Windows® and its own UNIX operating system, UNIX MP-RAS.
Gartner positions Teradata in the Leaders Quadrant for multichannel campaign management.

Teradata named one of the "Elite Global Information Technology Providers."

Teradata completes SAP® integration certification.

Teradata launches Enterprise Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

Teradata Warehouse 8.2 expands the ability of customers to deliver real-time intelligence with faster performance, high, system availability, event monitoring, easy enterprise integration, simplified system management and unparalleled support of both short operational and long strategic workloads.

Teradata ships the NCR 5450 Server with a boost of 18 percent in the price/performance ratio and the ability to operate with six previous generations of servers in just hours.

Teradata Enterprise Risk Management solution announced for financial services to provide centralized infrastructure and analytic capabilities to identify best opportunities for profitable growth while meeting regulatory requirements with confidence.

Microsoft Corporation and Teradata formed strategic alliance.
NCR announced intention to separate into two independent companies to create two market-leading companies, NCR and Teradata, each focused on different businesses.

Teradata named best global data warehouse-business intelligence appliance vendor by Intelligent Enterprise magazine.

Teradata and DFA Capital Management Inc. announced partnership.

Agilent Technologies and Teradata established first-of-its-kind partnership to integrate network and customer data for telecommunications industry.

Teradata® Warehouse Miner 5.1 launches, enabling data-mining technology from multiple vendors to be embedded and run within the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse, helping businesses to predict the future.

Teradata announces availability of the Teradata 5500 Server, which uses approximately 75 percent less energy and coexists with multiple generations of Teradata servers to protect the technology investment of customers.

More than 850 universities from almost 70 countries are represented in the Teradata University Network.

Teradata completes its spinoff from NCR Corporation with shares of common stock beginning regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol TDC on Monday, October 1, 2007.

Teradata launches Teradata 12, an innovative advanced database delivering traditional data warehousing for strategic planning, along with usable intelligence to frontline operations throughout the enterprise.

Teradata announces a key strategic partnership with SAS involving deeper technical integration of their respective products and coordinated marketing, sales and services activities.

Teradata announces the availability of Teradata Relationship Manager, its newest marketing automation software portfolio.
Teradata expands Professional Services capabilities by acquiring Claraview.

Introduction of the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family, including the Teradata Extreme Data Appliance that breaks the affordability barrier to analyzing petabyte-sized data volumes, scaling to 50 petabytes and beyond.

Teradata Petabyte Power Players, an elite group of five Teradata customers with data warehouse environments exceeding one petabyte, is announced.

Teradata Labs unveils a working prototype demonstrating the innovative use of solid state disk (SSD) drives in a data warehouse environment that will offer more than two times improvement in performance and support blindingly-fast analytics, while also decreasing power consumption by more than 50 percent.

Teradata Database 13.0 announced at PARTNERS 2008, leading the market with automated virtual storage, up to 30 percent performance improvement, and 75 enhancements supporting active data warehousing.

Teradata Accelerate launched November 2008. New packages bundle hardware, software, and services for affordable “one stop data warehousing” that enables companies to rapidly deploy and realize business value from data warehouse investments.

A fifth Teradata Global Consulting Center opened in the Czech Republic.

Gartner, Inc. positions Teradata in the Leaders Quadrant in 2008 Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems (DBMS).
Teradata ranked among Intelligent Enterprise Dozen, joining the global elite that matter most to intelligent enterprises, for seventh time.

Teradata rated number one for current offering in first-ever enterprise data warehousing report from Forrester Research, The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehousing Platforms, Q1 2009.

At the annual SAS Global Forum, Teradata and SAS announce the availability of two packages that put the power and speed of groundbreaking in-database analytics into the hands of companies seeking to improve the quality and timeliness of analytic-driven business decisions.

Teradata announces revolutionized data warehouse management that allows database administrators to rewind Teradata Viewpoint monitoring applications or portlets, and get a holistic picture of database activity at an exact point in time.

Teradata and SAP announces expansion of their partnership, with SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse to run on the Teradata Database, integrating technologies to lower cost of ownership.

Teradata Developer Exchange connects digital data warehouse community in dynamic learning environment, unleashing the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the world’s leading developers.

Teradata ranked among BusinessWeek’s InfoTech 100, the World’s Best-performing Tech Companies” and Fortune’s 1000.

Teradata Database 13 released.

The company’s newest data warehouse innovation, Teradata Virtual Storage, enables customers to add storage capacity at very low cost and maximize performance.
Gartner, Inc. again positions Teradata in the #1 Leaders Quadrant position in its Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems (DBMS), authored by Donald Feinberg and Mark A. Beyer (Jan 28, 2010).

Teradata introduces the Teradata Extreme Data Appliance 1600, offering companies a complete, integrated appliance that scales from 29 terabytes to more than 50 petabytes of data and analyzes archival data four times faster than the previous generation.

The new Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 5600, with a 65 percent jump in performance and enhanced capabilities to deliver real-time intelligence, launches, delivering real-time intelligence into the hands of front-line as well as strategic decision makers while supporting a numerous concurrent users.

Teradata named “one of the world’s most ethical companies” by The Ethisphere Institute, in its fourth annual selection of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, highlighting 100 organizations that lead the way in promoting ethical business standards.

Teradata is again rated the leader in the global data warehousing DBMS server market, based on the Gartner Server Evaluation Model (SEM) Version 6.

Teradata is again ranked in the Intelligent Enterprise 2010 Editors' Choice Awards. Teradata is again ranked in the Intelligent Enterprise 2010 Editors' Choice Awards. This is the eighth year Teradata has been included on the elite list of 12 technology providers that lead the way in innovation and business optimization.
Teradata acquires Aprimo, a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software. The acquisition is a milestone in the execution of Teradata’s world-class applications business.

Teradata introduces new platforms (6650 and 6680) to supercharge business analytics by mixing solid state drives and hard disk drives with virtual storage, for the optimum in price performance and enhanced network security.

Teradata acquires Aster Data Systems, Inc., a market leader and pioneer in advanced analytics and the management of a variety of unstructured and semi-structured data, to enable businesses to unlock the new intelligence hidden within the ever-growing volume of big data, an important emerging market.

Teradata Columnar, a transformative advance in database technology that fully integrates columnar and row-based tables, launches.

Teradata introduces Teradata Analytical Ecosystem, a comprehensive portfolio of hardware, software, and services that enables different Teradata systems to work together seamlessly. The newest enabler of the portfolio, Teradata Unity, synchronizes and unifies a company’s entire Teradata Analytical Ecosystem.
Teradata declares 2011 the best year in company history with more revenue growth and new customers added than any single year in its history.

Teradata announces the global release of Teradata Database 14, with over 80 new features and 60 new built-in analytic functions, providing customers with transformational database technology to empower breakthrough business intelligence strategies.

Teradata launches the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse Platform 6690 with the newest generation of hybrid storage and the optimized use of solid state drives (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) enabled by Teradata Virtual Storage™.

Teradata acquires Munich-based eCircle, the European leader in cloud-based digital marketing, to enhance its Integrated Marketing Management strategy.

Teradata introduces Aster SQL-H™ software, the first to offer business analysts a seamless bridge between standard business intelligence applications and big data sets stored in Apache™ Hadoop.

Teradata introduces Unity Loader with enhancements to Teradata® Unity™, a complete portfolio of integrated products that enable users to orchestrate a multi- system Teradata environment.

At Teradata PARTNERS both Teradata® Unified Data Environment™ and the Unified Data Architecture™ are introduced.

Teradata introduces Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance the industry’s first unified big analytics appliance, bringing together open source Apache Hadoop and Teradata Aster into a single highly-integrated, optimized appliance.
Teradata finishes 2012 with a solid fourth quarter performance, resulting in 15 percent constant currency revenue growth and 23 percent non-GAAP earnings per share growth for the full year–another record year for revenue.

April | Teradata transitions the Aprimo brand to the new Teradata Applications brand as part of the Interactive Customer Engagement, a new Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) offering.

April | Teradata introduces two new components to the Teradata® Unified Data Architecture™: a fabric-based hyper-speed nervous system and a new core analytic brain—the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6700 platform.

Teradata becomes the first IT company to offer business analysts streamlined, self-service, cost-effective access to Apache™ Hadoop for quicker and smarter strategic business decisions with Teradata® Enterprise Access for Hadoop.

Teradata and SAS introduce the Teradata Appliance for SAS® High-Performance Analytics, Model 720, enabling an integrated platform to support newly announced SAS High-Performance Analytics offerings and SAS Visual Analytics to accelerate performance and minimize data movement and duplication.

May | Teradata introduces Teradata Intelligent Memory™, an innovative database technology and the industry’s first extended memory space beyond cache that significantly increases query performance and enables organizations to leverage in-memory technologies with big, diverse data.

June | Teradata introduces the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop to provide the most open, flexible, comprehensive options to deploy and manage Apache™ Hadoop.

October | Teradata introduces the Teradata Aster® Discovery Platform, the first to offer cross-analytic engine optimization and data processing innovations that make it faster and easier for a wider group of users to leverage Aster’s analytics.

Teradata Cloud launches, delivering sophisticated analytics as a service with rapid provisioning and scalability in a subscription model.
March | Teradata is positioned as a leader for the 15th consecutive year in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems. The report introduces non-relational data management systems to its evaluation for the first time.

April | Teradata introduces Teradata QueryGrid™, the most complete big data solution in the industry, which uses analytic engines and file systems to concentrate database power on accessing and analyzing data without special tools or IT intervention.

Teradata Positioned as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management for Twelfth Consecutive Year.

Teradata announces Cloud-Based Campaign Management Solution, Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, a central application hub that helps marketers derive more insights from their data so they can do more to increase the value of customer relationships, and drive top-line growth.

Forrester Research has positioned Teradata as a leader in its February 2014 report, "The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014". The report appears as big data has become an important business technology investment.

Teradata expands the scope and functional capabilities of its global Digital Messaging Center solution by integrating Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, Smart Stats, and support services for the digital marketer.

Teradata announces availability of Marketing Studio 9, part of the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud, to connect a company’s marketing campaigns with its internal operations and marketing spend activity.

Teradata unveils the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6750 platform to meet the largest, most demanding real-time workloads, including thousands of applications and the ability for virtually unlimited concurrent users to run queries against as much as 61 petabytes of data.

Teradata Database 15 delivers on the promise of a logical data warehouse. A new software product, Teradata QueryGrid, provides virtual compute capability within and beyond the Teradata UDA, enabling companies to access and process analytic queries across multiple systems.

Teradata Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of Gartner Magic Quadrant for MultiChannel Campaign Management for 9th Consecutive Year. The Integrated Marketing Cloud portfolio delivers data- driven marketing solutions that help companies use data to create value.

Newest Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop delivers fastest path to data lake deployment. This portfolio simplifies Hadoop deployment and management with specialized software, appliance, consulting services, training, and customer support.

Teradata announces an agreement with MongoDB to integrate their systems by building a high-speed, bi-directional connector based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), empowering users to easily incorporate data for analytics while improving operations with strategic intelligence.

Teradata introduces Teradata Aster R, extending the power of open source R analytics by lifting the memory and processing limitations.

Teradata acquires Revelytix and Hadapt to accelerate big data innovation and underscore commitment to customer value, extend big data portfolio, and expand the capabilities of Teradata UDA.

Teradata announces the newest version of Teradata Demand Chain Management and Teradata Demand Chain Management in the Cloud, software to accurately forecast consumer demand and synchronize retailers’ ability to meet it--by channel--by right-sizing inventory requirements across supply chains.

Teradata acquires Think Big Analytics, the leading consulting and solutions company focused exclusively on Hadoop and big data solutions. Think Big’s proven Hadoop and big data consulting methodology and capabilities help companies ensure successful implementation of their big data initiatives.

Teradata selected, for the fifth consecutive year, for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index of companies that lead their industries in corporate economic, environmental and social performance.

Teradata announces Teradata Cloud for Hadoop, an integrated cloud offering that makes it easier for companies to explore the uses and business value of Hadoop, simultaneously reducing the hassle of sizing, installing, and maintaining Hadoop with turn-key solution and services.

Teradata Loom 2.3, the first and most comprehensive software solution offering data lineage, integrated metadata, and data wrangling on Hadoop, launches.

Cloudera and Teradata extend partnership to cover broad technology integration and development road map alignment, and a unified go-to-market, sales and support offering, facilitating access to multiple data sources through Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

Teradata announces enhancements to Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud with four new offerings to help marketers create highly personalized digital customer experiences.

Teradata delivers a new class of data-driven analytics for big data with Connection Analytics. Businesses can analyze contextual relationships between people, products, and processes in new ways to discover powerful insights. Teradata delivers these analytics in a simple, pre-built, ready-to-run solution.

Teradata announces the data fabric enabled by Teradata QueryGrid, weaving together multiple analytics, diverse data repositories, and disparate systems to provide business users a cohesive and uninterrupted analytic ecosystem.

Teradata again recognized by Gartner as a Market Leader in 2014 Magic Quadrant for Integrated Marketing Management. This makes four years in a row that Teradata has been included as a leader.

Teradata and MapR announces an expanded partnership that covers technology integration, road map alignment, and a unified go-to-market offering. This extends Hadoop Choices within Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture by providing integration, joint product development, and unified go-to-market strategy.

Teradata Acquires RainStor, a specialist in online big data archiving on Hadoop, to strengthen Teradata enterprise-grade Hadoop solutions and enable organizations to add archival data store capabilities using Hadoop for their entire enterprise, including data stored in OLTP, data warehouses, and applications.
Teradata Acquires Appoxee, a mobile marketing Software-as-a-Service provider, to complement both the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud and a strategy to provide industry- leading marketing solutions that help businesses deliver more individualized information and communications to their customers.

New Information Difference Landscape analyst report shows Teradata continues to lead in Integrated Data Warehousing, and reports that Teradata is the overall strongest technology provider whose customers continue to be ‘the happiest’.

Teradata announces full-year revenue of $2.732 billion, up 1 percent, up 3 percent in constant currency.

Teradata is positioned as a leader in Gartner’s inaugural 2015 Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics Magic Quadrant.

Teradata Positioned as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Marketing Resource Management for Thirteenth Consecutive Year.

Teradata launches big data apps powered by the Teradata Aster AppCenter (AppCenter) to simplify, accelerate, and extend the use of big data analytics to support a broader range of decision makers.

New Think Big data lake services to improve success with Hadoop data lakes, help improve data management practices, and streamline data lake architectures.

Teradata appoints Co-Presidents Bob Fair and Hermann Wimmer to lead Teradata Marketing Applications and Teradata Data and Analytics Divisions respectively, to better align the company for growth in its major markets.

Teradata introduces the Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2800. Optimized for fast in-memory processing, the appliance enables organizations to double both their data capacity and analytic power in a single cabinet.

Teradata introduces the world’s most advanced hybrid row and column database, including capabilities that reduce the amount of data read in wide tables while preserving pinpoint data access for real- time operational queries.

A multi-year commitment to contribute to Presto open source development and provide the industry’s first commercial support is announced, making it easier for more companies to extract insights from data lakes and leverage those insights across their entire analytical ecosystem.

Teradata introduces the new Teradata® Listener™ and Teradata Aster® Analytics on Hadoop, making it possible to intelligently listen in real-time and use analytics to see the distinctive patterns in massive streams of IoT data.

Teradata executive team announces the exit of the Marketing Applications business and begins to modify its cost structure to better align its infrastructure, R&D, and go-to-market resources for improved efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
Teradata continues to be positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics – 2016 Magic Quadrant.

Teradata reports full-year 2015 revenue of $2.530 billion, a 7 percent decrease from $2.732 billion in 2014. In constant currency, full-year revenue decreased 2 percent versus 2014.

Teradata announces the creation of its Global IoT Analytics unit within Teradata Labs, focused on developing innovations to derive the greatest value from the Analytics of Things (AoT). The special-ops team includes data scientists, data engineers and software designers.

Teradata unveils innovative Hybrid Cloud, a mix of on-premises, managed cloud, and public cloud resources orchestrated to deliver ease-of-use benefits, and Teradata IntelliFlex™, the next- generation of industry-leading MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture with multi-dimensional scalability.

April | Teradata announces a definitive Asset Purchase Agreement for an affiliate of Marlin Equity Partners to acquire Teradata’s Marketing Applications business as part of its corporate transformation efforts.

In May the Teradata Board of Directors elect Victor L. Lund, a member of Teradata’s Board of Directors since September 2007, as President and Chief Executive Officer, bringing with him deep operating and leadership experience, financial management knowledge and a global business perspective.
Teradata Database becomes available on Azure

Teradata launches IntelliCloud – blending superior data and analytic software as a service with expanded deployment choice

Industry first: Teradata offers license portability designed to deliver flexibility across hybrid cloud deployments

Teradata delivers IntelliFlex with all-memory SSD platform, increasing performance, storage density and energy efficiency

Teradata acquires StackIQ

GE Aviation and Teradata form strategic partnership to bridge the gap between aviation operations and business
Oliver Ratzesberger becomes Teradata Chief Operating Officer

Teradata joins NVIDIA partner program focused on accelerating outcomes from AI, Deep Learning

Teradata Makes IoT edge computing smarter with industry’s first '4D Analytics'

Teradata announces customer availability of Vantage, the platform for pervasive data intelligence
Teradata appoints Oliver Ratzesberger President and CEO